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 take the keys of drinkers away! M.A.D.D.--don't drink and drive or ride with anyone who does!
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drunk driving statistics-drunk driving crimes cause half of all traffic accidents

D.U.I. laws

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  MADD Programs

The Mission of Mother Against Drunk Driving is to stop drunk driving and to support the victims of the violent crime.


Project Red Ribbon

Project Red Ribbon was created by MADD in 1986 to change the meaning of "tie one on". MADD asked drivers to tie a red ribbon to a visible location on their vehicles between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day to show their commitment to driving safe and sober.


Designated Driver  

Designated Driver is a program with a simple point: if you choose to drink, bring along a friend who is not drinking to safely drive you home.


Keep it a Safer Summer(KISS)Campaign

The purpose of this program is to spread the word that summer months can be very dangerous on our nation's roads and waterways.


Candlelight Vigil of Remembrance    

Candlelight vigils remind us of the thousands of loved ones killed or injured in drunk driving crashes.


Operation Prom/Graduation

This program is designed to make prom and graduation nights memorable occasions not memorials. It focuses on promoting chemical-free messages and events for high school students.


MADD Poster/Essay Contest

This program invites students in grades 1-12 to use their creative skills to deliver strong messages against drinking and driving.

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