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call a cab-if you are going to drink  M.A.D.D. --don't drink and drive-last year over 3,000 teenagers were killed by their buddies, girlfriends, boyfriends, or themselves bc of drinking and driving
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limestone co. chapter of M.A.D.D.

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drunk driving statistics

D.U.I. laws

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what can i do?

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  Need More Information?

You may contact

Alabama state office of MADD at 1-800-635-0722 or


or you may contact

Limestone County Chapter of  MADD at 1-256-233-3133

or you may write to

Limestone County Chapter
P.O Box 517
Athens, Alabama 35611              

Need to find your local chapter? Go to the Links of other MADD sites. If your local chapter is not located there then call and we will help you get in touch with them.

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